Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

OldSchool Battery Widget (Pro)

Old School Battery Widget is the ultimate video game life bar widget. Choose from many classic games such as Zelda, Megaman, Chrono Trigger, Pokemon, Metal Gear, Metroid, Mario, Street Fighter and many more.
This fancy battery widget is a must have for every Video Game lover.

*It works at LockScreen and HomeScreen.
*When charging the widget's skin changes for a charging state representative of the game.
*Recognises different battery states (regular, charging and full).
*Up to 19 different skins.

KREYOS smart

Currently popularity at smart (smartwatch) is rising. Various companies are currently "gamble" to develop a smartwatch that make it attractive and acceptable to the public and will be expected to be a new trend in the IT world. Current, smartwatch by name Kreyos Meteor offers communication functions ala Star Trek.

Smartwatch that brevity is called the Meteor will be synchronized with the smartphone works with iOS, Android or Windows Phone smartphone and fully control it. Meteor equipped with a microphone and speaker, so when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, then you can use voice commands to the smartphone. Ranging from answering phone calls, replying to SMS, post to social networks, everything is done with voice commands.


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